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Standford's Automata Online Course - Course Review

Automata course was six weeks long. Before taking the course I had some prior knowledge about automata, regular expressions, context free grammar, turing machine and np-completeness. In my opinion most of the lectures was clear and understandable. I found it very helpful to have a quizzes during each one. They were keeping me up on the track for a whole time. After each module there was a homework consisting of some test questions. For me those homeworks were the most valuable components of the course. It helped me a lot to fully understand the materials.

Of course not everything was straight forward. The most dificult topic, for me, was np-completeness. To be honest I didn’t fully understand it. I can only guessing that it was caused by the fact that I haven’t spent as much time during study as I should. Maybe I will return to that but now there are much more important things to do on top of my todo list.

After taking a final exam I have earned Statement of Accomplishment attached below.