Gentle introduction to functional programming

Live coding session

L2L Warszawa 2018

About me

Sławomir Śledź

Sławomir Śledź

Senior Java/Scala Developer

Why should you be familiar with functional programming?

fp buzzwords

Arity Higher-Order Functions (HOF) Closure Partial Application Currying Auto Currying Function Composition Continuation Purity Side effects Idempotent Point-Free Style Predicate Contracts Category Value Constant Functor Pointed Functor Lift Referential Transparency Equational Reasoning Lambda Lambda Calculus Lazy evaluation
Monoid Monad Comonad Applicative Functor Morphism Endomorphism Isomorphism Setoid Semigroup Group Foldable Lens Type Signatures Algebraic data type Sum type Product type Option Either Writer Reader Function Partial function Type Data constructor Free monad
Free object Zipper Pattern matching Kind Higher kinded type Algebra Co-Algebra Persistent data structure Immutable

Let's do some fp coding :-)


Thank you :-)